NZ Advanced Driver Training was formed and designed to promote the safe and efficient utilisation of motor vehicles in both the corporate fleet environment and private sector.
Driver safety is of paramount importance and the professional delivery of high quality advanced driver training services nationwide are our principal and primary aims

Advanced Driving Systems Limited was originally established in 1995 by Stuart Roddick, who had an extensive previous background in both advanced driver training techniques and adult teaching within the New Zealand Police Department.

After its inception, our specialist advanced driver training organisation originally afforded Holden the principal naming rights option and consequently our course had previously traded under the "Holden Advanced Driver Training" banner for 16yrs.

As of 2012, Holden is no longer the official naming rights recipient of our ongoing Road Safety activities... and as such, our entire operation remains entirely unchanged, apart from now trading as NZ Advanced Driver Training.

Our training organisation has constantly expanded to provide professional and comprehensive advanced driver training packages nation-wide throughout New Zealand, specialising in corporate and fleet.

Training Programs
Our specialist driver training programs have been specifically designed to enhance and improve driver safety.  The content of our courses is based on the very best of international driver training courses and tried and proven techniques.

The principal emphasis is in developing useful and practical skills and in improving the driver's Knowledge, Skill and Attitude in the operation of their vehicles.

All NZ Advanced Driver Training personnel have been personally selected and individually trained by the Managing Director, Stuart Roddick.
They have been individually selected not only for their own personal driving skills and abilities, but also for their extensive diverse knowledge and primarily for their exceptional and outstanding instructional and interpersonal skills.

All staff receive on-going advanced training and are experienced in adult teaching techniques.
Advanced Driver Training instructors are expert, vastly experienced and professional advanced driving personnel.

The Managing Director, at all times, maintains a hands-on approach, so as to always ensure a thoroughly professional and totally consistent nationwide delivery of our quality driver training programs and he is generally personally present at over 99% of all courses and training undertaken.

Our enviable reputation and proven nationwide results are principally based on the dedication, personal abilities and expertise of our thoroughly professional training personnel.

Client Base
Whilst our NZ Advanced Driver Training Courses have been attended by a large number of private individuals seeking to improve their own safety and personal driving ability... the primary users of our courses are Government agencies, Companies, Fleets and Organisations wishing not only to improve the skills and safety of their drivers, but also so as to comply with the various provisions and legal requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act.

NZ Advanced Driver Training is owned and operated nationwide by Advanced Driving Systems Limited.

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