Any and ALL references previously referring to the "Holden Advanced Driver Training Course"
and the "Holden Advanced Driving Instructors" are all in specific reference to the ongoing
existing Course and Instructors of the course now rebranded as... NZ Advanced Driver Training

"A quick note to say thanks for the recent course at Manfeild.  
In past years I have attended,
(and indeed presented) a number of different 
training courses... yours has to rate as the best I have ever been to!!! 
Not necessarily just in terms of presentation
(which was very good)  
but more so in terms of usefulness and applicability.  
Two weeks after your course, my wife and I travelled to Auckland, 
and for the first time in many years I looked forward to the drive!!  
The trip took a little less time to travel, but with a significant improvement in fuel consumption and comfort level.  A good course, well presented.  Many thanks."

HR Training, Shell-Todd Oil Services

"I surrender... you have got inside my head and re-programmed it.  
Every time I jump in the car I keep hearing little voices.
No other course, seminar, training activity, tuition or schooling on any other topic you care to name, has changed the automatic responses so specifically and maintained them... 
I always enjoyed driving... but now it is much more art & science than ever before... whether it be the Ngaio George, the Desert Road or Lambton Quay.
It's now been more than two months since the day I spent with your Holden Advanced Driving Team at Manfeild... and the voices are still there!           
Jeremy Blandford, CFO - Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry

"I thought you and your team would be interested to learn how your course has already helped to save lives.
You'll remember my son Philip took part in your November course at Manfeild driving a silver Nissan Skyline.
(His girlfriend Kimberley and I came along to watch)
Philip drove to Auckland this last weekend and on his return was driving on an open straight section of road at 100km/h with three passengers, when a driver approaching veered into his lane, half way across in front of him.
Helped by your steering and accident avoidance practical training, he was able to swerve to the left to avoid the head-on with the car and also stayed on the road.
We could otherwise have been having quite a different Xmas experience.
Thank you again for your excellent course"
Chris Wilson, Chris Wilson & Associates Ltd

"The Holden Advanced Driver Training Course was very good in concentrating on both situational awareness and vehicle handling skills.
Given the current situation with O.S.H and the vehicle being part of the workplace, this course covers the employers obligations to provide employees with appropriate training.
Thoroughly enjoyable... I will definitely be attending your Stage II Course."
Paul Simonsen, NZ Police - PNHQ

"Stuart, you and your team can be commended on a excellent day of driving instruction, handouts, variety of presentations and styles of presentations but most of all the valuable one on one instruction.  
When I looked at my trip meter we had travelled over 100kms on the course.  
In that time we had been shown fresh and innovative techniques ensuring improved driving skills and safe movement on our formidable highways.  
It will be without any hesitation or reservation, that I will be recommending that your Holden Advanced Driver Training course be an essential part of our Staff Improvement Training Programme.  
With the high mileage that our staff carry out, in most cases early in the day or late at night, this ONE day, DOES make a difference."

Wybe De Jong, Ecolab New Zealand Limited

"Every participant felt the course was value for money.  
Every participant feels that they are a better and safer driver.  
Each of our 300+ participants thought the course was professional.  
It's also worth noting that putting people through the course has had a significant effect in reducing our vehicle insurance premiums.  
Thank you, well done."

Peter Kelly, Health & Safety Co-ordinator, Wellington Regional Council

"Following participation on your course, I am  writing to express my appreciation of the quality of the course material and instructors.  
The course was extremely well run and would benefit even the most experienced driver.  
I would have no hesitation in recommending Holden Advanced Driver Training to any individual or company serious about their responsibilities to safer driving and a safer motoring community."

F.J.Cameron, Chairman of Directors, Lumley Insurance

Comments from some of our participants:  
"These guys know what they are doing and prove it by putting it into practice."   
"It was informative without being overly technical."  
"Lots of practical work where participants recognise their faults and improve them."  
"Not only do you learn a lot, but it was an excellent team building tool."

Human Resources, Wellington City Council

"An excellent day thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.  
The feedback I have been getting is excellent.  
There was a great deal of learning in this course.  
All very much appreciated by our staff.  
I appreciate the very professional manner in which you present and conduct your business."

Human Resources, Clutha District Council

"Great venue, I liked the dynamic approach to the practical side.  
Circulating the track from exercise to exercise keeps your mind on the job, unlike some other driving schools I have attended where you queue up for 20 minutes and go one at a time."

David Linklater, New Zealand Auto News Magazine

"The course was excellent.  
Well run, giving us skills we didn't have before the course.  
My knowledge of the car is much better and I now have full confidence in the handling of the vehicle and what the car and especially the ABS braking system is capable of.  
I can go out onto the road at a level of confidence I never had and feel that in most situations that may arise on the road I am better equipped to handle. 
Overall the course was excellent."

Brian Sherwood, The Wrigley Company

"A very well structured and practical course.  
Presentation excellent - 
The Holden Advanced Driving Instructors really do know their stuff."         

Alan Seay, Accident Compensation Corporation

"Thanks for an entertaining day at Manfeild doing the Holden Advanced Driver Training.  
It was quite remarkable the difference between the trip up to Manfeild
(before the course) and the trip home (after the course).
As a Kiwi Bloke you tend to think you know everything about driving... 
Hmmm, boy was I wrong!  
I have now learnt a lot about driving and will continue to use that knowledge forever and I also learnt a heap about my car and how to control all areas of it. 
Thanks to the whole team for making it a fun day with information to use which could one day save peoples lives."        

Shaun Stock, Director, Security First Ltd

"Not long after our last course, on a Sunday night, I was driving down to Auckland on SH1 when just South of Whangarei my vehicle had a tyre blow-out!!!
I thought the car had been shot.  I was going around a corner at the time and I saw your face and heard your instructions... "Look where you want to end up..." 
I did and I did... I ended up safely parked in a driveway entrance... 
I don't now how, but the Holden Advanced Driver Training that I had just recently received from you guys certainly got all the credit for it.
The next day in Auckland when I went to get the tyre replaced, the "boys" in the garage asked me who had been driving the vehicle - Twice...
They seemed to have major trouble reconciling the fact that a woman got out of that situation."         

Margaret Sullivan, The Correspondence School

"I can not recommend this course enough.  
I believe it should be compulsory for everyone.  
Certainly could save not only my life but also the person or persons I may have hit prior to attending this course." 

Francis Wood, Reckett & Coleman

NZ Advanced Driver Training  is owned and operated nationwide by Advanced Driving Systems Limited.

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