bullet Didn't this Course  used to be called the "Holden Advanced Driving Course"...?
bulletAren't all "advanced driver training courses" the same...?
bulletWhy should my company pay to train my staff in driving...?
bulletHow do I arrange for all of my nationwide staff to attend...?
bulletWhat if my fleet vehicles are leased...?
bulletAre my vehicles insured whilst being used for driver training...?
bulletCan we do drive programs for conference activities etc...?
bulletWhy do I need this course... I've already got a drivers licence...?
bulletWill this course make me a racecar driver...?
bulletWill attending this course reduce my son's licence period...?

Q    Didn't this Course used to be called the "Holden Advanced Driving Course"...?
A    Yes it did... For our first 16 years of operation, Holden had been afforded the privilege of being the principal naming rights recipient associated with our NZ Advanced Driver Training Courses and Road Safety activities...

As of 2012, Holden are now no longer our principal naming rights recipient... and we now continue to operate entirely independently and exclusively trade as NZ Advanced Driver Training

The courses that we have exclusively conducted nationwide for the preceding 23yrs, all of the expert staff and the exact same unmatched beneficial results remain entirely unchanged... only the trading name has changed.

We were not and never have been previously owned or employed by Holden...
We still don't sell cars and we still don't get a commission if you buy one...
We are and always have been a totally independent and privately owned training organisation...

We are just expert specialist advanced driving instructors who conduct specifically designed practical based driving courses, so as to train all vehicle drivers... irrespective of what type or brand of vehicle they actually drive.

Q    Aren't all "advanced driver training courses" the same...?
A    No, not at all... All "advanced" driver training courses are not created equal.

There are very substantial differences in the content, conduct, practical hands-on drive time, training benefits and actual results subsequently achieved between the wide range of various driver training options. 

Some "other" courses are theory only... you never even touch a real car at any stage, let alone drive one...

Some "other" advanced driving courses have extremely large attendee group numbers (up to 60) with a lot of waiting in cues and standing around watching other students one at a time doing stopping and reversing exercises...
You don't even drive around any corners during the day...
Often conducted on sealed areas, airports and disused carparks, in order to save them venue hireage costs...
And the "instructors" don't even get into the participants vehicles at any stage...
It's really just a beginners guide to braking with whistles, flags and upside down yellow buckets...

Some "other" advanced driving courses have you tooling around at 30km/h in a car with trainer wheels on the end of a disused airport taxiway...

Some "other" expensive advanced courses have you exclusively driving only their vehicle sponsors demonstrator drive vehicles during the training on their course...
(Driving course or just a less than subtle covert new car sales pitch... you work it out)

Some "other" advanced courses have you puddling around town on city streets in the instructor's car, just as for learner drivers with the instructor telling you 40 minutes later what you did wrong 20 minutes ago...


All course attendees continually learning and practically experiencing advanced techniques whilst utilising their own normal operational drive vehicles 

Exclusively utilises a truly safe, controlled and specifically structured purpose built driver training facility which incorporates a wide range of corners and handling exercises as the professional training venue.

Utilises expertly trained professional New Zealand advanced driving personnel to fully explain and practically demonstrate the correct techniques

Our specialist advanced driving tutors are repeatedly inside your own vehicle at various stages throughout the day for true "one on one" instruction with you receiving hours of progressive development and practical driving application of the best in proven advanced driving techniques

Our NZ Advanced Driver Training Course positively utilises advanced adult teaching principals and multimedia display presentation equipment for a truly professional and memorable interactive learning experience 

The NZ Advanced Driver Training Course is truly unique and our course content, delivery and instructional methods are incomparable to all "other" providers 

Our outstanding proven results are second to none.

When considering your driver training service provider options, we very strongly suggest and recommend that you fully critically compare and consider your options, but in doing so, please make sure that you are actually comparing "apples with apples"

Some "other" providers promise you the world, don't provide a nationwide service and/or the quality and benefits of both their instruction and course content is at best inflated.

NZ Advanced Driver Training is so confident in our product, compared to all other service providers, that for company fleet vehicle operators we routinely offer the opportunity for a "totally free - no obligation course attendance" in order to assist you in evaluating and trialling our nationwide advanced driver training services.

Q    Why should my company pay to train my staff in driving...?
A    Your company has legal obligations and liabilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act to take all practical steps to ensure the safety of all employees.
Additionally, there are specific requirements under the Act, in respect of requiring all employers to provide adequate training to all employees in the use of plant, equipment and machinery.

Realistically, in most occupations, the relative probability of your staff members being injured or killed is actually at its highest when they are operating a vehicle.
A structured pre-emptive investment in your staff's wellbeing and safety has proven to be both time and money very well spent. 

By way of example... one of our Corporate clients with a fleet of 300 drivers, has clearly documented and quantified direct financial savings to their company of $6 for every $1 that they invested in their staff by utilising the services of our NZ Advanced Driver Training Course.

It is far cheaper and better to provide pro-active beneficial advanced driver training to all of your staff in order to avoid and prevent the crash from occurring, than for your company or organisation to cover both the financial costs and on-going consequences of one of your staff members being injured or killed in a vehicle collision.

Q    How do I arrange for all of my nationwide staff to attend...?
A    Another additional "exclusive free service" which is only offered by NZ Advanced Driver Training, is that our NZADT administration staff will co-ordinate, organise, arrange and book all of your staff directly onto our courses for you.  We can do all of the administration, leg-work and logistics for you.

All you have to do is to provide us with a list of the details of all of your staff you wish to attend our NZ Advanced Driver Training courses nationwide and our NZADT admin staff will do all the rest.
We will individually contact each of your listed staff members directly and arrange a mutually suitable date for their course attendance.

Individual course attendance confirmation documentation are emailed out directly to each of your attendees.
Printed course attendance certificates are also provided upon successful completion of the training program.

It couldn't be any simpler.. 
You provide us with; how many, who and where... and we will do all the rest!

Q    What if my fleet vehicles are leased...?
A    NZ Advanced Driver Training is recommended and promoted by New Zealand's major vehicle leasing organisations.

Additionally, as an extra option, you can request that the NZ Advanced Driver Training Course be directly amortised into your new vehicle leasing agreements, so as our advanced driver training course is linked to each new vehicle you lease.

With this option, NZ Advanced Driver Training will then individually contact each of your staff members as they get their new vehicles delivered and co-ordinate their attendance onto one of our programmed nationwide courses.

Q    Are my vehicles insured whilst being used for driver training...?
A    Yes... Generally speaking your vehicles are still covered as usual under their normal existing vehicle insurance policy.

Should you wish to either check with or pre-advise your insurer of your intentions to attend the advanced driver training then please ensure that you advise them that you are attending the NZ Advanced Driving Course.
(Formally known as the Holden Advanced Driving Course)

Some "other" course providers have a less than wonderful relationship with insurers due to their repeated instances of on course damage and insurance claims to exotic cars, as a direct consequence and result of their "training".

The NZ Advanced Driver Training Course has an exemplary operational safety history and we have routinely provided nationwide advanced driver training to staff members from WorkSafe NZ, O.S.H, ACC, NZTA & numerous various insurance companies. 

Q    Can we do drive programs for Conference activities etc...?
A    Yes... we can individually tailor and organise drive programmes to complement and enhance your company conference.

We also specialise in arranging and conducting truly memorable and enjoyable Corporate Client Drive Day Events which can include everything from NZ Advanced Driver Training to 400kw NZV8 Hot Lap rides.

Dependent upon your company's individual requirements we can assist in arranging everything for you, including liaising with training venues, caterers etc as required.

Q   Why do I need this course... I've already got a licence...?
A   Holding a drivers licence only means that you are "legally entitled" to drive a car... it doesn't mean that you are actually any good at it. 

Driving is a lifelong endeavour and getting a licence is just the first step in a very long road.
To become and remain a safe and efficient driver you need to continually upgrade your knowledge base and practical abilities in order to consistently and safely operate what can otherwise become a very expensive lethal weapon, in the wrong hands.

Q   Will this course make me a racecar driver...?
A   No... NZ Advanced Driver Training Courses are specifically designed to dramatically improve the Knowledge, Skill and Attitude of the participants... making them better prepared to make good safe driving decisions with improved driver reactions, smoothness and fuel efficiency.

After completing our training you will be able to competently and confidently operate your vehicle in a much more efficient and safe manner... with the knowledge, confidence and advanced practical skills to avoid, prevent or better deal with any situation which may arise.

Through our affiliates... there is now the opportunity for you to undertake a 400kw NZV8 Race Drive Experience for any of those that aspire to sampling the truly memorable excitement that is our NZV8 Race Experience 

Q    Will attending this course reduce my son's licence period...?
A    No... By our choice and design, attendance on the NZ Advanced Driver Training Course will NOT reduce your probationary/restricted drivers licence period...

If that is your main aim, then you need to attend one of two "predominently theory based courses"... either "Street Talk" or "Defensive Driving"

The NZ Advanced Driving Course has been specifically and solely designed to educate and teach drivers everything they never got taught, when they first got their drivers licence...


      Your normal Driving Instructor teaches you to pass a driving test...
      NZ Advanced Driver Training teaches you much more important lessons...

      How to stop smoothly and effectively,
      How to corner smoothly, efficiently and safely,
      How to actually prevent and avoid situations from occurring in the first place,
      Dramatically improving your reaction times and driver decision making,
      Increasing your overall vehicle control and understanding,
      And positively addressing the drivers attitude towards driving and safety.

NZ Advanced Driver Training  is owned and operated nationwide by Advanced Driving Systems Limited.

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