NZ Advanced Driver Training (formerly Holden Advanced Driver Training) has direct existing associations with:

bulletCustom Fleet
bulletEsanda Fleet Partners
bulletORIX New Zealand

Accordingly... these are currently the only New Zealand vehicle leasing organisations that we use and subsequently recommend to our corporate clients

The NZ Advanced Driver Training Course is promoted and recommended to all their vehicle leasing clients.

Training and Payment Options

                   Option A

You can request that the "discounted cost" of our NZ Advanced Driver Training be added directly into your vehicle lease as a "value added service" with the total cost of our driver training course being amortised over the full term of your vehicle lease. 

The additional monthly payment can be as low as approx $10.

NZ Advanced Driver Training will then co-ordinate every aspect of your staff training for you... (no more staff admin work)

bulletWe will liaise directly with your individual staff and book them onto our programmed courses, at a time that suits them…
bulletAll course attendance documentation is sent directly to the individual course attendee...
bulletWe then conduct the Advanced Driver Training Courses...
bulletCourse attendance certificates are provided and can be mailed direct to your company, for updating of your staff's personnel files if you request them…
bulletWe bill your vehicle leasing company… and they pay us direct.
bulletYou have nothing left to do… it is all done for you!

                     Option B

As a valued Lease Company client, should you not wish to incorporate the "discounted cost" of the NZ Advanced Driver Training Course directly into your vehicle lease... but still wish to utilise our advanced driver training services, NZ Advanced Driver Training will...

bulletStill afford your organisation exactly the same "discounted" course attendance pricing rate…
bulletLiaise directly with your individual staff members and co-ordinate the provision of their training… 
you provide us with a direct contact list of your staff requiring training and a purchase order number)
bulletMail out our course attendance certificates direct to your company once the individual training has been completed...
bulletArrange direct invoicing on your pre-arranged order number. 
bulletOnce again, you have virtually nothing to do… tell us who you want trained and we will do it all for you!

                 For More Details

bulletContact Stuart Roddick at NZ Advanced Driver Training

The NZ Advanced Driver Training Course is available to staff from your company 
irrespective of what particular "brand of vehicle" your staff members actually drive!

We are an entirely "Privately Owned Driver Training Establishment"


NZ Advanced Driver Training  is owned and operated nationwide by Advanced Driving Systems Limited.

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