Learn "death-defying" feats… before you need to use them.
The cost of training is much cheaper than the cost of a crash!

Course Duration

One Full Day Training.  (9-00am to 4-30pm)

bulletTheory session approx 35% "usable practical theory"
bulletPractical Sessions approx 65% "hands-on practical learn by doing"

Practical in car demonstrations of all exercises by experienced, expert, professional personnel.  
Assorted "one on one" in car tuition in the participants own vehicle throughout the day.

Course Content Includes:

bulletTyres and vehicle condition
bulletVehicle manoeuvring skills development
bulletVehicle dynamics and handling characteristics
bulletBasic car control
bulletInproved fuel efficiency techniques
bulletAdvanced ABS braking techniques
bulletConventional braking techniques
bulletPractical accident avoidance / collision prevention techniques
bulletVastly improved driver reaction times and decision-making abilities
bulletDefensive and safe driving techniques
bulletEncouragement of fuel efficient driving techniques
bulletAdvanced safe cornering techniques
bulletPositive reinforcement of safe driver attitudes

The course emphasises positive development
of a drivers' Knowledge, Skill and Attitude

Benefits to our Corporate Clients Include:

bulletAssists in dramatically reducing fleet operating costs
bulletAssists in improving fuel efficiency driving techniques
bulletEmployer's compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2016
bulletAssists in substantially reducing vehicle crash rates and subsequent insurance costs
bulletAdvanced practical "hands-on" driver training, utilising the latest adult teaching techniques
bulletGreat for staff morale, team building and client drive days
bulletConference activity drive days and promotional programs available upon request

Invest in your staff
Don't Blame Them… Train Them!

Course Information
Most of our NZ Advanced Driving Course reference information is now contained directly within this website and
is freely accessible upon our Client References page.
However, should you wish further information or explanation of
our full course outline, content, reference material, 
course costs and the currently available course dates, then please feel free to contact us directly on:
or Freephone (0800) 374831

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